Denver Hash House Harriers

January 31, 2011


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Step One: Cut A Hole In The Box


Colorado InviHash



***Denver Trail Schedule***



August 6th

Gay of Pigs





***You will die on this trail!***

WHAT: Mud Hash 2016

This is the closest Colorado can get to a Carolina Trash or Black Sheep trail. You’ve been warned.

WHEN: August 20th, 2:00 (14:00)

***Strong Swimming Ability Manditory***

Every year, someone asks if they really need to know how to swim. Yes, you really need to know how to swim. If you can’t swim 3 laps in the pool without stopping, plan on skipping trail and meet us at the On-After.

WHERE: Meet in this parking lot south of Chatfield: Map

***If you show up drunk before trail, you won’t be running with us. It’s that dangerous.***

HARES: What’s My Name Bitch, and Ass Whisperer

TRAIL: A to B Shiggy level 11

HASH CASH: If you have boobs and/or a penis, hash cash will be $0. If you don’t have either of those parts, hash cash is 44.99 Euros.

ELECTRONICS: If you can’t swim with it underwater, you can’t bring it on trail. This includes your phone, you’re fancy GPS watch and the remote on your key chain.

DOGS/STROLLERS: No! It doesn’t matter how much your dog loves to swim and play with alligators, there is too much opportunity for injury and you will end up carrying your best friend for miles. As for strollers, you probably paid a lot of money for that stroller and don’t want to see it get destroyed. Whatever you have in that stroller will also not fair well.

VIRGINS: We love virgins and they are always welcome. However, if you bring virgins to this trail, they probably won’t come back.

SHAG BAG: There will be NO SHAG WAGON! Pack your shag bag with clean clothes and whatever you need at the On-After. You will leave your bag in your car and will not have access to it at circle.

BRING: A towel, a gallon of fresh water to rinse off after trail, a complete change of dry clean clothes (it will be easy to change into a kilt and t-shirt), rubbing alcohol to wash off the poison ivy you will encounter on trail, a trash bag for your wet clothes, tissues to dry your tears, cash for food and drink at the On-After.

SPEEDBUMP: You will need to take swim lessons from Shoe F*cker or plan on meeting us at the On-After.

ON-AFTER: CB & Potts, 43 Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch: Map




 Other Hash Info

If you are looking for all the Colorado Hashes check out the Colorado Hash Facebook Page. Want to know when we are drinking and running? Check out the Hare Schedule or the Denver Hash Facebook Page. Want to be on the EMAIL DISTRIBUTION? Click here   The all Colorado Calendar Here

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