Denver Hash House Harriers

January 31, 2011


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Step One: Cut A Hole in the Box



Bunnies & Bibles


WHAT: A celebration of both Easter (however you want to celebrate it)! Come dressed as the Easter Bunny, Jesus, any biblical character or a play boy bunny! You pick! There will be a special Easter Egg Hunt on trail….with completely raunchy and “hashish” fun PRIZES (it is 420 weekend after all)!

HARES: Daddy Don’t Do It and Yes I swallow (who will be primary beer bitch)

WHEN: Saturday, March 19th, 2:00 p.m.

TRAIL: This trail will be A to A, with Circle, and the On-After, at the end spot. There will be good beer, food, a hot tub, fire pit, and room to move the fun indoors if the weather is crappy. Our yard is TOTALLY private….so plan to have some completely inappropriate fun!

No kids. Friendly dogs are welcome and can hang in the back yard after the run.

HASH CASH – $6. You all are cheap dates!

WHERE – 7355 S. Elati Street, Littleton, CO 80120
Please park in the elementary school parking lot directly to the south of the house.

ETC – If you would like to reserve our camper for your overnight accomodations, or pitch a tent in our very large backyard, feel free to stay the night! There’s also space for air mattresses in the spare rooms!




May 4th

Ultrawimp, Triple Tongue, Just Jordan



Other Hash Info

If you are looking for all the Colorado Hashes check out the Colorado Hash Facebook Page.

Want to know when we are drinking and running? Check out the Hare Schedule or the Denver Hash Facebook Page.

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For all you kids, we’re on the Twitter DENH3.

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