Denver Hash House Harriers

January 31, 2011


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We are respectable people. Most of us are convicted felons but we are still…hey look beer!


***Denver Trail Schedule***



 Sept 5th

Jungle Rules!!! 

 So all of the cool kids will be in Portland Labor Day weekend doing down-downs with champagne and eating caviar off of stripper’s flat stomachs. This means that all of us who proudly earned that purple Participant ribbon will have our own meager trail.

WHAT: Jungle Rules Trail
WHEN: September 5th, 2:00 pm (14:00)
WHERE: Pub on Pearl, 1101 S Pearl st. Denver
BRING: Whistle, ID, Cash, Shagbag
HARE: Anybody’s Guess (This is not a hash name)
TRAIL: This trail will take us wherever it takes us. Prepare for an adventure.

Why Jungle Rules? Our Harerazor gave up.


Sept 19th

Big Bird High Altitude Hash

Other Hash Info

If you are looking for all the Colorado Hashes check out the Colorado Hash Facebook Page. Want to know when we are drinking and running? Check out the Hare Schedule or the Denver Hash Facebook Page. Want to be on the EMAIL DISTRIBUTION? Click here For all you kids, we’re on the Twitter DENH3.

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