Denver Hash House Harriers

January 31, 2011


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We stay drunk until the next time we’re drunk


***Denver Red Dress June 13th*** 


Where:  Pre-Lube: Prost Brewery   2540 19th St  Denver, CO 80211

Hares: Jesus Stole My Brain and Pig Pimp

Trail: A – B

When: 2 pm

Hash Cash: $5.00

Bring Shag Bag for Jesus checks (unless you plan to walk on water)

NOT Dog or larva (kid) friendly :(

Bring Virgins, long lost hashers, and ID on trail


June 13th


WHAT: Denver Red Dress Run

WHEN: June 13th

WHERE: Cap City Tavern, 1247 Bannock Street, Denver


SUPERHERO TEAM OF HARES: Pump Me Harder, What’s My Name BITCH, Two If By Gay Socks One If By Cowboy Hat, Pig Pimp, Bumper Humper, Ass Whisperer, and Twisted Pirate Porn.

PRE-LUBE: Cap City Tavern


BRING: Red Dress, Hash Cash, Your ID, A Thirst for Beer

ON-AFTER: You will be dressed in your best so let’s continue the drinking after circle.

 Other Hash Info

If you are looking for all the Colorado Hashes check out the Colorado Hash Facebook Page. Want to know when we are drinking and running? Check out the Hare Schedule or the Denver Hash Facebook Page. Want to be on the EMAIL DISTRIBUTION? Click here For all you kids, we’re on the Twitter DENH3.

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