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Trail Tips for Hares

Tips for Virgin and Rookie Hares:

Scout your Trail

You might know of a great location that you have run many times before but you still need to scout it. Walk or run the entire trail within a few weeks of your hash because situations change. There’s construction that pops up, fences that get erected, and storms that will change the landscape. You don’t want to run into these surprises as you are laying a live trail.








Do the Math on the Beer

The one thing you don’t want to happen at your trail is to run out of beer. Plan on at least one beer per Hasher at the beer 3922094076_c76796a330_zcheck and four or five beers per Hasher at circle. If you want to have the beer check or circle at a bar, talk to the manager about a discount on pitchers and make sure they serve pitchers. Some bars don’t sell beer by the pitcher and it will take a very long time for them to pour 60 to 80 beers for circle. Tell the bar that plastic cups will work for us.

Think through your Plan for Circle 


If you plan on having circle in a bar, make sure there is enough room for the pack to stand and the RA will not be competing with a loud sound system or television. Keep in mind we will probably spill a lot of beer. Is this the kind of place that will put up with that behavior?

Circle Austrailia AntarticaIf you plan on having circle outdoors, look at your location. Will we be bothering anyone with our singing? Are we close to homes where the owners might call the police to complain about the noise and our behavior? Will there be families strolling by with their children?

Use plastic cups for the beer. Even though you have several ice chests with bottles and cans of beer, it’s best if that beer is poured into a plastic cup. DrinkingWhen the police cruise by, (and they will), all they will see is a group of people drinking something out of plastic cups and they’ll leave us alone. If they see us holding beer bottles, they’ll come over for a visit. Plus, the cups help stretch out the beer. 

***Bring a trash bag***

A to B Trails

If your trail is an A to B how the pack will get back to their cars? Is the end close enough for them to walk? If it’s over a half mile, you should probably do some car runs.

How long will it take to do a car run? If it’s a ten minute drive back to the cars, that’s twenty minutes round trip. If you need three car runs, your circle will not start for over an hour after the end of trail. At this point, several hashers have left and those who are still there have consumed a good portion of the beer. Shorter cars runs are better before circle, longer car runs should happen after circle.

Shag Bags, Shagwagons and Supplies

Let the pack know if they should bring a shag bag and what they should pack. If there’s a water crossing, you might want to let them know they should bring some dry clothes. If circle is outside during the Winter, Spring or Fall, warm clothes will make for a better time.

046If it’s an A to B trail, how will the shag bags get to the end? Will there be a shagwagon? The shag bags take up a lot of room in your car. Clean out your car before the trail.

Live Hare or Dead Lay?

Live trails are easily the most fun for both the pack and the hare. Sometimes a dead lay is the only way trail is going to happen. If you have an awesome trail with lots of intense shiggy, you might want to think about pre-laying the trail. If the shiggy is dense enough that you can’t run at a good pace, the pack will catch you. There’s no shame in a dead lay trail, the pack will just make you drink for it. They were going to make you drink anyway.



A well laid trail will have the DFL finishing within ten minutes of the FRB. There are many tricks to laying a trail that keeps the FRB’s close to the pack but the best method is the use of checks. A standard check where the trail will go in any direction is the002 most common. There are also song checks, boob checks, dick checks, beer quests, shirt checks etc. Checks make the pack stop and re-group. Don’t place your checks too close together and don’t go for too long without setting one. Let the pack get a good pace going before you stop them with a check.

This is from Phoenix H3










Pirate Hash

Themes are fun but not required. Regular hashes with no theme are the norm and very fun. If you have a good theme in mind for your trail, hashers are always willing to dress up for the occasion.icynews_display Australia Antacrtica






Announce the Trail

The sooner you tell your fellow half-minds about your trail, the better chance you have of a good turnout. Post your trail on the Yahoo email distribution and on the Denver Hash House Harriers Facebook page. You can post it more than once and 047make sure you have all the details the pack will need to get there and get through trail.

Use this template as a basis for your announcement:









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