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Tits Buying Toys for Tots returns for the 13th year!!!

As promised, expect a smattering of more details on Tits Buying Toys for Tots now through Dec 10! TBTfT is an annual event where the local hashes adopt a family though the Denver Rescue Mission and supply them with clothes, toiletries, shoes, food certificate, coats, special requests, and some toys for the kids for the holidays. We signed up for a large (7+) family and should be assigned one by November 23rd!!

We have begun collecting at most area hashes, through the efforts of volunteer hounds who regularly attend. They will funnel the donations to Knees Up.

**Note: donations are NOT tax deductible since we are donating DIRECTLY to a FAMILY and not the ORGANIZATION.
1) bring cash to a hash and listen for announcements during circle for who is acting as a TBTfT Donation Elf that day.
2) OR send a check directly to Knees Up; the check must be made out to Carolyn Chenoweth. Put a note in the memo line that it is for TBTfT. Snail Mail it to Carolyn Chenoweth, 10683 Jewelberry Circle, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130. MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE Dec 10!!
3) OR send a donation via PayPal to Carolyn Chenoweth using the email and be sure to make a note that it is for TBTfT.

EVENT INFO: Save the date!!!
Oral B has graciously offered her home as site for a brunch and wrapping party on December 10. Later that day, we will deliver the gifts. Rough details for the brunch, shopping, and wrapping: Gather between 9 and 10am for brunch and mimosas; on-out to shopping at a nearby designated department store by no later than 11; return with gifts for wrapping and labeling, until the job is done! ** Exact times, addresses, and list of needs will be posted after we are assigned our family on Nov 23!

Hello again, Hasher Elves!
Tits Buying Toys for Tots was assigned a family!!!
This year we will be providing for the Jackson Family.  They were nominated by a Family Services Liaison at John F. Kennedy High School, DPS.  There is one adult (the mom) and 6 kids.  Plus it was mentioned that she recently had another baby, thus she has not yet returned to work.  I will be inquiring if they need anything for the baby as well.  Of note, they were nominated as a very loving family that wants to do well in school and help out their mom by working (if of age) and actively caring for each other.
We are ALWAYS able to fulfill PRIMARY NEEDS of clothing/shoes/food and love shopping as a group for them!  However, the family has some unique requests on the “special wish lists”.  Wishes are NOT mandatory to fulfill, but I am always amazed at what the hash has been able to provide in the past!  With that being said:  does ANYONE have connections to help provide the following:
1) SEWING MACHINE (new or used)
2) LAPTOP (new or used)
3) TV
4) discounts to Victoria’s Secret so that we can get specific scents/bath sets (I know someone must be frequent shoppers at VS!!)
**If you are a crazy Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper and wish to find deals on this stuff (without getting crushed by the crowds), we would appreciate it!!
PLEASE DONATE as instructed in a previous announcement, through cash collections at the hash, check to Knees Up, or through Paypal to Knees Up!  The countdown is on to Dec 10!!  Details of Dec 10 brunch, shopping, and wrapping event are coming this week!
Knees Up and the TBTfT Elves
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