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Amazed at the success of the 2018 Taos Hash with over fifty Hashers and buoyed by the support of the Taos Hash Old Guard, I have decided that the Next Last Taos Hash will be on Saturday, October 12, 2019.  Over twenty regular attendees have already expressed their desire to attend.  I hope to duplicate this year’s success in attracting a strong contingent from all over New Mexico.
The new trail will be about the same distance, character and difficulty as 2018’s – about 6 miles, almost entirely developed trails, some noticeable verticality.  Part of the new trail will be in the same complex of trails at plateau level between NM68 and the Rio Grande River Gorge south of Taos that was the basis for 2018’s trail.  Trust me, it will still be a new trail including a beer check that was missing in 2018.  Plus, there will be a Bail Out/Turkey/Old Fart Trail of about 2 miles.
All Hashers are invited.  No advance registration is required, but I will be asking LATER for e-mailed notice of intention to come.  Hash Cash will be $4 plus four 12 oz cans of good beer per person.
There will be no competition with the Wool Festival in 2019, but if you are sure you want to come you should consider making early lodging arrangements.   There is no Hash Hotel.  A large variety of motels, B and Bs and short term rentals in Taos are advertised on the web.  El Pueblo Lodge seems to have attracted a large number of Hashers for the last two Taos Hashes.  Indian Hills, our Hash Hotel several times in the past, has been condemned and is boarded up.
More details by next May or so to the same e-mail lists.  I plan to also post that notice and follow-ups on the Denver Hash Facebook page and hope will also post.  If you know somewhere else it would be useful to post or e-mail, please let me know.
If you know someone who came in 2018 or should come in 2019 and probably didn’t get this notice, please pass it on and encourage them to look for the postings and to come.
Northern New Mexico may not be the best place in the world to Hash, but it’s damn good.

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