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2018 TAOS HASH – Final Notice / Full Details
Speedbump’s Latest Last Taos Hash will be on October 6, the Saturday of Columbus Day Weekend, starting at 2 pm.  RAGGEDY ANUS has agreed to co-hare this epic adventure.  READ ALL OF THIS AND KEEP A COPY.
START:  The start will be at the Rift Valley Trailhead Parking Area about 9.8 miles south of the Taos Plaza, on the west side of NM68.  “Rift Valley Trailhead Parking Area” is recognized by Google Maps as an address. If you are using a different mapping device, the start is at “36.3231,-105.737″ in decimal degrees format.  (Do not enter “”.  Everything between “” is continuous without spaces with comma and minus sign.)  Or, follow Directions below. CAR POOL TO THE MAX, the lot will only hold about twenty cars and overflow shuttle parking will go to a lot two miles away.
HASH CASH:  For each person $3 plus four 12 oz CANS, not bottles, of GOOD BEER donated to the hare for the on-in.  Examples of GOOD BEER are Santa Fe Brewing Happy Camper IPA, Dales Pale Ale and Upslope and Ska Brewing products.  Anyone bringing inferior beer will be excoriated in public.  Hare will provide coolers, ice, snacks and water for the on-in, really cheap beer for down-downs and a trail.
TRAIL & REQUIREMENTS:  The trail, based on GPS estimates, is 6.233 interesting and occasionally strenuous miles of single track bike trails, jeep trails, gullies and short cross-country stretches. If that estimate isn’t accurate to the nearest mile, I’ll be a son of a bitch.  Bring STURDY SHOES, a WATER BOTTLE or two and a WHISTLE.  The trail has great scenery including two camera worthy view checks.
PUB CRAWL:  There will be a Pub Crawl Hash (a real flour and chalk trail) in Taos Friday, October 5, for any Hashers who are in town, beginning at 4 pm at the Eskes Brew Pub back patio.  No Hash Cash, no circle, no free beer, bring cash for pub stops. Eskes is located southeast of the south end of Paseo Parking Lot.  Paseo Parking Lot is across Paseo del Pueblo from the east entrance to the Plaza.  “Eskes Brew Pub” is recognized by Google Maps (36.4061,-105.5732).  If you get in Friday after the Pub Crawl Hash has started, call 303-378-7208 for guidance.
ATTENDANCE:  This Hash is being advertised in Colorado and New Mexico.  All Hashers are invited.  Over 25 Hashers have emailed they intend to attend.
From Taos to Start: From the stop light at the Taos Plaza go south on Paseo del Pueblo/NM68 through Ranchos de Taos about 9.2 miles total to the Rift Valley Trailhead Parking Area entrance on the right (west) side of the highway.  There is a brown “hiker” trailhead sign on the right side of the highway just south of mile marker 36 and shortly before the entrance.  Turn right into the parking lot and park (nose in, not parallel to the fence).  See START above for Google Map and GPS type data.
From Colorado to Taos: Get to Walsenburg on I-25.  Exit and go west on US160 over La Veta Pass to Ft. Garland.  At Ft. Garland turn south on CO159 which becomes NM522 at the border and goes all the way to Taos.
From ABQ, SF and Lost Almost to Taos: Get to Espanola on US285/US84.  When US285 and US84 veer to the left in Espanola stay to the right on NM68 and continue north to Taos.
From ABQ, SF and Lost Almost Direct to Start: Head toward Taos from Espanola.  At the town of Pilar NM68 diverges from the Rio Grande and begins a steady uphill climb.  At the top of that climb, just past a dramatic horseshoe curve, there is a scenic overlook parking lot on the right (east) side of the highway.  The Rift Valley Trailhead Parking Area entrance is on the left (west) side of the highway about 1.9 miles beyond the overlook parking lot.  See START above for Google Map and GPS type data.
WEATHER:  There was epic rain, hail and cold for a Taos Hash in 2008.  In most years, the Columbus Day weekend weather has been wonderful with T-shirts and shorts suitable for running and drinking.  Check weather reports and pack light rain gear in any event.  There will be a trail in almost any weather, though horrendous weather might make it considerably shorter than planned and advertised.
HASH HOTEL:  This year the Taos Hash will overlap with the Taos Wool Festival, so the careful should reserve lodgings early. (Note: The Wool Festival in Kit Carson Park will offer potentially interesting entertainment before the Hash on Saturday and after on Sunday.) There is no Hash Hotel.  A large variety of motels, B and Bs and short term rentals in Taos are advertised on the web.  El Pueblo Lodge (412 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, 575-758-8700) seems to have attracted the largest number of Hashers last time.  Indian Hills, our Hash Hotel several times in the past, is condemned and boarded up.
A housing fallback is camping in one of the BLM Orilla Verde Recreation Area campsites alongside the river on NM570 in the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge upstream of the town of Pilar.  These campsites may be closer to the start of the Saturday trail than Taos motels.  Campsites are first come, first served (no reservation), but the BLM Rio Grande Gorge Visitors Center in Pilar reports they haven’t been full in past Octobers.  A “last minute” status report can be obtained from them at 575-751-4899.  Camping details, including daily fees, at
RSVP / UPDATES:  No registration is required, but if you are sure or almost sure that you will come, I would appreciate an e-mail to let me know.  I would hate not to have enough snacks and cheap beer.  Updates and any last minute changes will be sent to the ColoradoH3 and NNMH3 group email lists and to a separate list of prior TH3 registrants plus folks who have e-mailed me they plan to attend.  Up to date information should be posted in the list of links on the right side of the home page of  IF YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE COMING IN RESPONSE AN EARLIER NOTICE OR JUST CLICKED ON FACEBOOK, PLEASE E-MAIL NOW, EVEN IF IT’S AGAIN.
Northern New Mexico may not be the best place in the world to Hash, but it’s damn good.
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