Denver Hash House Harriers

Trail Schedule DH3

To Hare a trail, email Tainted Glove,

941 20-Jan  Sh!t$ F#cks Leaves
942 3-Feb AW, Twisted Pirate Porn
943 17-Feb NAMBLA 
944 3-Mar OPEN
945 17-Mar Mismanagement Green Dress  Peanut Butter Time
946 31-Mar Colorado Full Moon Invasion  Blue Moon  2X1
947 14-Apr OPEN
948 28-Apr Pump Me Harder, Bumper Humper, Shoe F#*ker
949 12-May Insane Clown Pussy  Clown Hash
950 26-May Mismanagement  Red Dress
951 9-Jun Pump Me, Bumper Luau  AW
952 23-Jun 2X1 & Bitch Hello Kitty
953 7-Jul Tainted Glove & Peanut Butter Time
954 21-Jul OPEN
955 4-Aug OPEN
956 18-Aug OPEN
957 1-Sep INVI-HASH  Debauchery 
958 15-Sep The Hash Invades the Warrior Dash Event Information  AW
959 29-Sep OPEN
960 13-Oct OPEN
961 27-Oct Easy Button  Denver/HuHa Halloween Pub Crawl
962 10-Nov Spermes, 2X1, 1/4 Cup BADA in ARVADA Spermes
963 22-Nov Mutha Ducka Hashgiving Mutha Ducka
964 8-Dec OPEN
965 22-Dec Mismanagement Last Hash 
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