Denver Hash House Harriers

Colorado Full Moon

Contact Gay Socks  if you want to hare a Full Moon, (, and let him know you’re ready to drink beer.

You can set your trail within a few days before or after the actual full moon.


Full Moon patch_dark

We don’t just consume beer, we use every bit of its carcass

Next Full Moon Hash

What: 2nd ever Full Moon taco hash… Because we are too lazy to actually plan things and the stroller is feeling quite lonely!

When: 6:00 – the eating of the tacos
7:00 – the hares (maybe you!) will maybe possibly think about taking off, or they may eat more tacos. Who knows? After all it is a Full Moon…

Where: North County
94 Rampart Way
Denver, CO 80230
Near Wings over the Rockies

Who: it’s a Taco… So whoever wants to play is welcome! We’re not picky!

What to bring: low expectations, even lower morals, $5, your own beer if you feel so inclined, all of the virgins to sacrifice to the taco, bicycle pump, your own shiggy, a condiment packet, ability to understand your weather app… Baby clothes and stroller will be provided

Feeling lost or lonely? Call Hurts So Good… 303-475-2890

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