Denver Hash House Harriers

Colorado Full Moon

Contact Gay Socks  if you want to hare a Full Moon, (, and let him know you’re ready to drink beer.

You can set your trail within a few days before or after the actual full moon.


Full Moon patch_dark

We don’t just consume beer, we use every bit of its carcass

Next Full Moon Hash

Full moon was lazy this month, and missed doing a trail for the full moon. So we’re getting our poop in a group for a make-up trail for the no-moon.

Hares: 2×1’s Bitch’s Rectum
Where: See above
Bring: Cranium Lamp, $5 hash cash
Weather is calling for bullshit, so plan accordingly

On-After: Mike’s Tavern of Dive Bar Black-Tie event fame
2301 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

And for the pack’s entertainment, Rectum has a big secret that will be revealed at circle.

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