Denver Hash House Harriers


We are a Drinking Club with a Running Problem

Really, that’s what we do. We run and drink beer. Here’s a basic summary of what will happen if you go to the hash.

You are given a time and location where to show up. You don’t know how far you will run or where you will end up. The people laying the trail are called Hares. They will mark a trail with chalk and flour. They might lay the trail live or pre-lay the trail (Dead Trail).  The rest of the pack, (Hounds) will try to follow the trail but there will be misleading marks, checks, and false trails. When we loose the trail, we will split up and search for the true trail. To find who is on true trail, we call out “RU?” When a Hound finds trail they will call back “On-On.” At some point we will stop at a Beer Check and drink a beer before finishing the run.

At the end of the trail, we take part in Circle. Here we sing R rated songs and drink beer. The simplest way to describe what happens is we give out awards and penalties for how you performed on trail. Awards are you get to drink beer. Penalties are, we make you drink beer.

It actually gets more complex and offensive than this but I’m tired of typing so I will go drink a beer now. If you really want more details try Wikipedia.

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